The introduction of the English language in the earliest years at 2 and a half allows the child to get to know the English culture through games, songs, practical activities, videos  theatre and an English books library.
 The English language is taught by English-speaking teachers. As soon as the child can read in French, he can approach writing and other subjects through English. A class is dedicated to the children of English mother tongue.

Chinese language and culture classes are available for all children during the week.



Geography, fine arts in English from 6 years old.

Early-learning music is offered for children aged 2 and a half years through rhythm, singing and musical theory. From age 6, the children participate in a weekly choir.



Teaching of computer and multimedia in all classes.




Practice of sports, arts, school outings, children shows (dance and plays), annual school fairs.




Our pupils are welcome and adapt very well in college. They have an exceptional adaptability and have learned to work by themselves or in a group and have been encouraged
to take initiatives since the earliest years.
They know how to solve problems, make choices and organise their work according to a daily schedule.
They can exchange ideas and discuss freely about their work with the others. Through a dialogue with the adult, they have acquired the habit of solving conflicts.
The former parents often make the following remark: the quality of the Montessori education based on autonomy and non-competitive activities make the adolescent more sensitive to a better quality of being. Educators and parents have confidence in their future.





We welcome children  :
4 days a week on : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 
Schedule: from 8.30 am - 12 am (possibility of arriving until 9 am) and from 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm.
from 7.45 am - 8.30 am and from
4.30 pm - 6 pm.
Day-care centre and outings are included in the school fees.
School holidays : Calendar of the French National Holidays. You will be informed of possible changes early in the month of September.
School lunch : school lunch is daily delivered by a caterer and is on self-service. Possibility of bringing your own lunch without any extra fees.
: Most parents live approximately 20 km from school and help each other with the children transportation.

The parents: They are invited to regularly attend group or individual meetings, a weekly work schedule is updated in the primary classes. An end-of term report is provided.

The School Association involves all parents. It takes several initiatives (conferences, children shows...). It plays an important part in the school life. This year, the association will help parents with parent coaching.

ENROLMENT : Just after the information meetings for the new parents.

SCHOOL FEES : In 2018, the subscription fees are: 980 + the school fees payable on monthly instalment.

Example for one child for a full year:

  • Part-time : 3 114 .

  • Full-time with home-made lunch:  3 312 .

  • Full-time with catering meal:  3 870 .

Example for a second child for a full year:

  • Part-time : 3 114 .

  • Full-time with home-made lunch:  3 264 .

  • Full-time with catering meal:  3 720 .




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